It was an unseasonably warm and sunny day, and as I walked on Hampton Boulevard at ODU, I saw a kid bopping to some private song on his iPod and thought "all's right with the world", until I came within earshot of him. The way he turned and looked at me left no doubt whose body would be in da cooler if he had any say about it. "Looks like you're getting jiggy with it, my brother," I said by way of breaking the ice. "Bodies in da cooler" he replied. "You got DAT right, my negro," I said. And in spite of the fact that I had thoughtfully refrained from using the n-word, he chased me down Hampton Boulevard to 49th and then west on 49th for 3 blocks before giving up. Dude be off the hook, man. So I cranked up some tunes on my own iPod, Donovan doing "Sunny Goodge Street", and made my way back among the whiteboy backpacker geekasses back to the bus stop.