Tonight's model, Shawn, was a welcome departure from the norm. Not Norm the model, the one with a control problem, that's an whole nother story, one that won't be told today. Shawn presented a topography that we don't usually get the opportunity to deal with, and that's always fun. Shawn is also a regular reader of Crack Skull Bob, which further distinguishes her.

Only slightly less stimulating was the post-naked roundtable discussion, which covered the following topics:

1) Schrodinger's cat

2) gay anime porn

3) marriages performed by midgets

4) the naked appearance of Olive Oyl in a Popeye cartoon

5) engorged penises

6) Belvedere vs. Absolut

7) having your snowman cut up with switchblades in Norview

The Belvedere/Absolut nexus will give you a hint where the rest of the agenda emanated from. All in all, your typical Tuesday night.