There's something deeply creepy about this infatuation with Sarah Palin. She is by her own admission a fairly ordinary person. Her "hotness" is strictly in relation to other women in politics--the fact that she doesn't have cankles makes her a MILF, I guess. Her pit-bull claims--the Bridge To Nowhere, the Plane Sold On Ebay--have turned out to be not entirely truthful. Her "maverick" credentials seem to rest on her annoying the leadership of both parties in Alaska by using her office to deal with family spats. She's fairly good at reading the zingers that McCain's staff writes for her, but how does that justify this effulgence of giddy adoration on the part of the self-proclaimed "grown-ups" in our society? There's some nutso sexual overtone to the whole deal, and I suppose that's okay if the Republicans want to diddle themselves while Obama wraps things up in the real world.