When I was young, my father had some kind of comedy record in which a man who was about to embark on some sort of adventure was being interviewed, and the interviewer said, "you must be very excited." To which the guy replied, "all right...I will." I thought it was crazy funny at the time, and now that I have retrieved the memory, I still do. I'm glad I have that story back in my life again. I feel enriched by it. When I go out into the world tomorrow, people will see me and think, there goes a guy who is rich with anecdotes and witticisms, I bet. That guy has seen the worst the world has to dish out and yet maintains an equable demeanor because of the wealth of humor he carries about with him, no doubt. These people would be quite wrong, of course, as wrong as John McCain was when he laid eyes on Sarah Palin and said to himself, "Now there's presidential timber, my friends." Yes, he even says "my friends" when talking to himself, and notice how gracefully I worked topical humor into the discussion? That's one of the qualities that make this blog worth the nothing that you pay for it, you freeloaders. I'm sorry, that just kind of slipped out. My contents are under pressure right now. Even though Amanda and family have safely returned from EspaƱa, I have this vague sense of foreboding, a roiling sensation in my very--oh wait, I know what it is. Back in a few minutes.