The second Presidential debate is tonight, and I feel so bad for John McCain. He vowed to suspend his campaign until the economic crisis was resolved, and of course it's not, at all. It's getting worse: the markets haven't responded to the bail-out, and foreign banks are starting to fail now too. So he's got his hands full putting Country First and resolving this problem for us, his friends. It's not fair to demand that he debate Obama when he's shouldered such a burden in the name of his country. He should be allowed to send Sarah Palin in his place. After all, by nixing the Bridge To Nowhere a year after approving it and then keeping the money for it anyway, she has proven that she's duplicitous enough to step into a presidential candidate's shoes. And she's got the cojones to take on the tough issues in these perilous times, namely, the imminent danger presented by the Weather Underground, doggone it! I'll sleep better tonight knowing there's lipstick on the elephant.