Listening to Beck, Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime. A beautiful beautiful song. It's impossible to be snotty while listening to it. It's hard being Crack Skull Bob these days. Maybe I should change my blog name to Shiny Happy Boy. Or Idiot Face Wally. Or Tex, the Reverse Cowgirl. Or Lollipops And Rainbows. Or Always Say Please And Thank You. Or Craftmonkeys--oh wait, that one's already taken. Or Leonard And The Koans. Or Shooting Your First Unicorn, A Guide For 11-Year-Old Girls. Or Behind The Waterfall. Or I Love Attorneys After All. Or Embrace Your Inner Condo. Or How To Hold Your Ichor. Or Love In The Time Of Erectile Dysfunction. Or Higher Power Outage. Or I Owe It All To Lucy Pepper. Or Falsetto Cabaret Is Not My Cup Of Tea. Or How About This Economic Downturn, Huh? Or Death To Dr. Research. Or The Partially Born Again Christian. Or Something Mildly Annoying For Everybody. Or I Take My Bacon Crocheted. Or These Blog Names Are No Longer Making A Point.