I came across an old sketchbook that mainly contained drawings I used to do on TV shoots when I was an agency guy. Now that the context has faded away, they really seem strange. I can't remember having concepted a TV spot with guys in alligator suits, but I must have. I do remember this was a campaign for the Florida Lottery, and we had to shoot everything twice, once with caucasian actors, and once with Hispanic actors. And this one was turning into a nightmare, because one of the main actors was speaking with a Mexican accent, not a Cuban one, and the client was pissed off. All that sturm und drang, and now the spots are long forgotten--were probably long forgotten six months after they ran. I remember now having an argument with the costume person over whether the alligators should have green bellies or yellow bellies. It was a long argument, and the director got involved, and the client, and two guys whom we later realized nobody knew. Good times.