Spurred by a line reading from the estimable Helen in response to an earlier post, I present here a sketch from the TV shoot in question. The premise of the spot was: the proprietor of a wand repair shop is trying to hide from Lady Luck the fact that he has been playing with her wand, and accidentally turned himself into half man/half chicken. So this view on a monitor is of the "chicken chair" that was built for the actor to sit in, feet extending under the counter. The chicken's butt wiggled and feet scratched by remote control. The remarkable thing is that everyone went about this business with utmost seriousness, and all because of a silly storyboard drawing I did. It was epiphanous: The Power of The Artist! Of course, it was only one small step to Damien Hurst, and I don't begrudge him his fame, not in the least. Not only am I the most humble person in the universe, but I'm magnanimous, and everybody else is not.