I don't require that the things I say mean anything, as long as they sound portentious. I'm easy on myself in that regard. I cut myself some slack. Because, goddamit, I like myself. I grant myself plenty of Me Time, because if I don't who will? If I don't love myself, how can I love others? And why would I want to, anyway? Wouldn't that be cheating on myself? I'm the kind of person who heeds the instruction to affix the oxygen mask to my own face first, so that I may help others, if I should so choose. If that other person could make a compelling case for me helping them. If they could persuade me to put them on the agenda for help. And then, of course, I would have to bring it before the committee. The committee of one. The committee is not inclined to add to its already burdensome workload. The committee tables a lot of things. Just a heads up.