Kit Hinrichs of Pentagram fame, you knuckleheads! I think he was tricked into coming down here, maybe with the promise that he was Client #10 or whatnot. He was all articulate and stuff, but the big news is I won a raffle! I'm supposed to say "...and I never win anything!" but I have won the occasional doodad; came real close in the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes a couple of times; and back in '79 I "won" a copy of Fear of Music from Record Bar, but they didn't know it. Anywayzata, mebbe this'll start me on a winning streak as opposed to the skid marks I've been displaying lately. In the Lone Ranger comic books, Tonto always said "mebbe" instead of "maybe", like it was Native American talk or something, which I kind of doubt. One thing that always puzzled me about the Lone Ranger comic books was that the Lone Ranger wore a powder blue outfit with a red scarf, when everybody who has seen the real Lone Ranger on TV knows that he only wears shades of gray. Am I rambling? Sorry. The Dummy Dust hasn't taken hold yet.