There are other establishments in the area which could with equal justification take the name "Aroma House", but probably for PR reasons refrain from doing so. If you come within 100 feet of the loading dock at the Harris Teeter on Colonial Avenue, for example, your body will experience a reaction similar to receiving general anesthesia. The best you can hope for is to make it to the little picnic table where employees smoke before you lose all muscle tone. The aroma that hangs around that venue tends to counteract the garbagey one at the loading dock, and after a few minutes you're capable of swaying into the store itself, where the aroma of bananas, then rotisserie chicken, then raw fish, will keep you careening down the appropriate aisles. If you make it to the checkout line and the big guy in front of you in the puffy coat farts, you end up back at square one.