Not a real album cover, just one I made for a friend. And just to show that I have my priorities straight, I gave him the cover and forgot the disk. And then we went to see Stefan Sagmeister, which kind of sounds like Stefan is the hip king of sagging, but that's his real name, he's Austrian. But first we went to a Mexican restaurant and my friend, who shall remain nameless because he emitted a gigantic fart in the CACV parking lot that made a woman's car not start, and she thought it was something she did, like flooding it or whatnot, and she called a tow truck and everything, but the fart dissipated just before it got there, and the tow truck guy started her car fine, but he sniffed around a bit and told her she might have a dead squirrel in her catalytic converter. And the reason my friend has to remain nameless is that the woman is someone we know and it would be embarrassing to him. But like I said, first we went to a Mexican restaurant, and Bart ordered this giant beer that looked like a novelty beer or something, and it needed three whole limes. But damn if he didn't drink the whole thing, which probably played a part in later developments.