Trying out my spankin new iMac and Wacom tablet here, folks. These are Painter transcriptions of sketches I did in my Moleskine--my new Canon scanner hasn't come in yet. How's that for product placement? It's funny, prices have come down on so many peripherals--my first scanner, an Apple Color One, 300 dpi, cost me $1200--but not for graphics tablets, evidently. This one cost me about the same as the last one, some four years ago. But the killer is Adobe CS3. My first car cost less that that boy. Adobe should just throw in the computer for free. But will they? No. Freakin running dog lackeys or whatever epithets we used to throw at capitalists back when I wore my own homemade tie-dyed shirts. Boy, that stuff sure went south, didn't it? We thought there was absolutely no way the world could return to business as usual with us revolutionaries in charge. That's human beans for you.