In the interest of festivality fairness, I put in a token appearance at Stockley Gardens yesterday, touching base with Scott, Cindy, Joy and Dave, and the Creepy Clown, and then made tracks for the Greek Festival up on Granby Street. Evidently the Greek idea of festivalizing is to sit in a tent and consume great mounds of meat and then carry on like Anthony Quinn. I was a little iffy on the meat part, having watched a disturbing lecture on the damage caused by the raising of livestock. However, staying true to my hypocritical oath, I launched into the souvlaki alongside everyone else. And once I got up onstage and and started dancing with abandon, all my ambivalence faded away. Okay, technically I didn't dance with abandon, or actually get up onstage, or even leave my seat in front of the souvlaki, but in spirit I did all those things. And that's what counts.