The burrito comedy vertical is a very narrow one indeed, having been measured at .003 microns. To help you visualize this measurement, imagine a human hair thicker than any you've ever seen--not as thick as a tree trunk, but a lot thicker than the average human hair. That's .003 microns. And the comedy in this vertical tends to run to flatulence sounds, as you may have guessed. Not jokes about flatulence, just the sounds, which are side-splittingly funny to males, not so much to females. Which makes this a male vertical. That's what she said!©

So I present here a non-flatulent burrito joke, which, on account of being also non-humorous, establishes a point on an entirely different plane of the vertical, causing it to implode from its own logical discontinuity, so that from this moment on, there will be no burrito humor in the universe as we know it. That means ever, people.