If you enjoyed this post, please send me $180. Well, you won't know if you enjoyed it yet or not, so I'll give you a minute to finish reading it. Take your time. (whistles) Okay, done? So, like I say, if you liked it, send me $180. That way, if ten of you liked it, then I'll be able to afford Adobe Creative Suite 3, which is this really cool, not to say essential, group of software applications. I wonder why people say "not to say" and then go ahead and say it. I think the fact that I wonder about stuff is one of the things that keeps me young at heart. It doesn't have to be profound wondering. Like yesterday I wondered how I got gum in my hair, which I don't even chew gum. Or the other day I wondered why they don't make pencils 15 inches long, so you could draw and scratch your forehead at the same time. Okay, that one was a little profound. But it doesn't have to be is my point. Just the act of wondering causes tiny glands in your brain to ejaculate some kind of stinky hormone into the gray matter, which did you know is the consistency of mayonnaise? I read that somewhere. Anyways, which stimulates the young-at-heart endings, and voila. Did you know that voila, toilet, and oil all share the same three-letter sequence? Do you know what it is? Okay, I'm kind of running out of steam here. Have I written $180 worth yet? I hope so, because, man, I'm done.