My friend Wayne has changed his name to Harry, which seems at best a lateral move, but it's his call. That's why this aerie that he built is called "Harry's Folly" and not "Wayne's Folly", which is now more appropriately applied to the name change. Wayne/Harry is chock full of stories that leave you gasping for air. That "you" in the last sentence doesn't include Catherine, who has heard all his tales at least twenty times, and stopped laughing at them at times two or three. Catherine is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, believes we've turned the corner in Iraq, and carries a picture of Dick Cheney in her wallet*. The family is rounded out by Allen, who likes to pretend he's going out for bagels, and then takes me to strip clubs, which, it goes without saying, I don't approve of,but I don't want to hurt his feelings, and besides, their bagels are surprisingly good, only you don't want to know how they make them.

*I said that just to tease her. She's actually just the opposite, and will probably beat me up for saying those things about her. But afterwards she might feel remorseful, and offer to take me out for ice cream. Which will have made it all worth it, especially if they have sprinkles.