Jesus God, it was hot out there today. Sure, I could have stayed home in front of the air conditioner sipping on an Italian Blood Orange Soda from Harris Teeter* while I watched Ax Men on the History Channel. But no, I plunged into the Toaster Oven of Death so that I could bring back a sketch for my blog. For you. Not only that, I had to stand in the sun and listen to a military rock band, for cryin out loud. And to add to the martyrialicity, I got back home too late to witness the coronation of Big Brown as the very bestest racehorse in the whole wide world. When is a chance like that going to come again? For the rest of my life, whenever I'm asked what I was doing when Big Brown won the Triple Crown, I'll have to say, "I was watching a military rock band playing 'Life during Wartime.'" Sigh.

*Sorry, have to pay the bills.