In figure drawing group tonight, artmark asked me about my Pud comic strip. Not about why nobody ever comments on it, I guess he assumes that's self-explanatory. His questions were delicately aimed at WTF my point was. And it wasn't until I was pressed to come up with a response (I was within range of his falling easel) that I realized what the answer was. Pud is but another attempt by my right brain to make an end run around my left brain and its stifling handbook of rationality. An earlier, and highly effective, ploy, was to participate in Blind Contour Friday, sponsored by the fine folks at Inkfinger, who have evidently gone on to better things. It was a very liberating exercise. My intention with Pud is to begin with the structure of a six-panel comic strip frame, and gradually fill it with pieces of art from old comic books and hope to see some kind of pattern and see where it goes. My informal research shows that it usually goes nowhere at all. But it's a win-win for me, because I find it very satisfying to cause people to scratch their heads in puzzlement, even if I'm doing the same thing. And come to think of it, maybe if I did start getting comments on it, I would find it less rewarding. At any rate, my answer was enough to placate artmark, and keeping him from flinging his easel at me. He did launch his sketchpad my way, but a wind current caught it and it almost collided with our model. This is a true statement.