Bunny's is a family restaurant on the outskirts of Suffolk. Despite the presence of what appear to be Born-Again Bikers, this is an old-fashioned restaurant whose patrons are fond of beehive hairdos and baby-blue polyester pantsuits. And that's just the men. Ha ha ha ha ha. Years ago Wayne (you remember Wayne) and I would go to Bunny's for the weekend buffet, which featured African-anthill-sized mounds of chicken & dumplings, vats of collard greens, wonderful tubs of stewed tomatoes, and the like. Best of all, there was live music on the premises: a little man in a plaid sports coat played the Hammond organ like there was no tomorrow. To add a cherry to the top, our favorite waitress  was named Dot. First time I went, I was ready to be all smirky and supercilious, but it was all so friendly and good-vibey that I became one with Bunny's (and with the chicken & dumplings.) Last week I returned to Bunny's, and it was okay, but the buffet had been gone for about five years!  It was very disappointing.  You have to go farther and farther to find common ground with rural people these days.

By the way, that cool song in the new Reebok commercial, the one that has Dallas Cowboys sliding down a sand dune, is called "Train Song" by Vashti Bunyan. And looky here, she's also got a song called "Hebridean Sun." It's a small world after all.