This week's model was Emily, one of our very own drawers, who dropped hers and went to The Other Side. And she was a fine model, even braving the sadistic requirements of artmark who at one point forced her to hold a wide smile for 20 minutes. That's not an easy thing to do without having it turn into a Joker-like rictus of agony, as I vividly recall from Christmas mornings past while opening elderly relatives' presents.

The other poseur is Mike, whom I seem to draw with an unsettling regularity. Well, he's always right there, what am I supposed to do? In this case, the two of them looked like they were lounging on matching magic carpets, and I couldn't resist.

The cool-down session, also known as Sloppy Drunk Tyme, this week featured a demonstration by artmark of trick pool shots, most of which seemed to end up with the ball skittering away on the floor. I guess it was hard to do, but I'm not sure I saw the point.