Just this minute got back from Figure Drawing Group. Well, okay...just this minute got back from drinking Tanqueray martinis, slightly dirty, *after* Figure Drawing Group, but this is as up-to-the-minute as I can be. Plus, for some reason, the keyboard is acting up and typing really weird words on its won. There, see what I mean? Anyways, what you see hear is the longest I've ever spent on a single  watercolor. Three freakin hours! This is such a long way from the Laurelines school of watercolor painting it isn't funny. Strictly speaking, however, there is no distance from the Laurelines school of watercolor painting that would be funny. there's just nothing inherently funny about the subject at all. I don't know what I was thining. I still don't know what I'm thining. I don't know what "thining" is. Well, I've learned a lesson here, folks. Tanqueray martinis, slightly diryt, are not conducisve to coherent blogging. So I'm going to cut my losses and sign off for now. Except to say that the model is not chewing her cud nor does she have a goatee. And Bernice just pooped and pawed all her litter out onto the floor, leaving her damn dpoop unsullied by anything that might mask the smell, and let me tell you, the intesne aroma of cat poop dow not mix well with the aftereffects of Tanqueray martinis, slightly dirty. Bye now.