Are modest little single-family homes still being built? These days, it seems like there's no middle ground between erecting large, ugly, faux-everything monuments to money and tastelessnessitude, and factory-like faux-ghettos crammed with the home versions of the office cubicle, desultorily dressed with a smattering of faux-charming architectural rhinestones. Where is the modest bungalow of yesteryear? "Modest" is a word that has been plowed into the muck by the great steamroller of commerce in recent years. Modest implies "not spending as much as you possibly can", which is repellent to the devotees of consumerism, meaning all of us, alas. It's a word that should come back into vogue, although I have ambivalent feelings about it on a strictly personal level, because it will always remind me of "Modess-- because", which was emblazoned on the giant carton I had to balance on the handlebars of my bicycle every month or so as I negotiated a tortuous and, I hoped, unnoticed route home from the grocery store. But I digress. Oh, well, I guess I was done. In order to count as a digression, do you have to return to the original topic? Is there another term for it when it doesn't? Kind of like "peninsula" vs. "island"? And now I see I've created a sub-digression, a symbiotic digression, if you will. I may have opened up a whole new field of grammar or rhetoric here. I hope everyone reading this realizes that I use the term "if you will" ironically. I'm not pedantic and prissy in the least. There, I just picked my nose and wiped it on the backside of my iMac. You'll have to take my word for that, of course, but I believe I've built up enough trust and respect among you lot for my word to be taken. But I digress.