I hate to resort to cheap theatrics, but it's depressingly clear that you lot have not responded to my suffering with sufficient gravity. Some of your comments have even been--all right, I'll say it--frivolous. Well, your frivolity is misplaced; those feet are rendered entirely accurately. Certain of you, the snottier ones, will be tempted to remark that I wasn't equally rigorous with other parts of my anatomy, but in my own defense, I have been working out. And that right nipple is spot on. But that's neither hear nor their. The point of this drawing is to elicit stricken sobs of empathy for the burden of pain I am heroically bearing. Because I have decided that my great mission in life is to have people pity me. I've finally lit upon an achievable goal, and I'm pursuing it with the speed of a thousand armadillos. Or I would be if I weren't hobbled by excruciating pain.