Here's an example of the kind of puerile cogitation that occupies precious bandwidth in my teeming thinkjelly: would the opposite of "neither here nor there" be "either here or there" or "both here and there simultaneously"? I share with you this example in order to shed some light on my puzzling lack of accomplishment in this life. Not that shedding light on stuff actually makes a difference. It's just an interesting time-filler. It's this devotion to winkling out the answers to questions no one has asked or would ever consider asking, even if they had ingested some really righteous blotter acid on top of the Dayquil they had taken to combat  the nasty sinus infection that was causing them to huff and snort in the middle of sensitive client meetings, leading the client to mistakenly infer that he or she was an object of ridicule, and imperiling the sinus-infected person's job, which was shaky to begin with because of unwanted advances upon the young woman or man who came to the office on Fridays with small packets of trail mix and other snacks for sale. It's this tendency toward superfluous brainbabble that drives off spice and other significant others, but is peculiarly suited to blogging, which pursuit, tellingly, brings in exactly zero income, provides me no health insurance, and has no upward career path. So there's your answer. I know you didn't ask. That's my point.