Nor'easter today. I cleverly timed my visit to Starbucks to avoid the downpour segments of the event, but forgot to take into account the flooded intersections and so got soaked up to my calves. Hey, how about this: neither Christmas nor Easter is sufficient reason to get me into a church. Get it? Nor Easter? I just thought that up on the spot. I swear. Five minutes ago I had no idea I was going to say that. See, that's the Sparky brain. I continually surprise myself. I don't know what I'm going to come up with from one minute to the next. Okay, here's one: how about if they invent a pencil that turns into a Lik-M-Aid straw halfway up? That way, when you're sketching, you can take a break and enjoy a refreshing fruit sensation. See, I just thought of that.