The first thing to notice here is that the guy in the middle is wearing a pair of glasses and gesturing with a second pair. It's conceivable that he carries around a pair of "gesturing glasses" that he wears on top of his real glasses, so that he can whip them off at dramatic moments without compromising his eyesight. It's more likely, however, that he removed his glasses while I was drawing him, resulting in a kind of double exposure. I wish we knew which was the correct scenario. The scene here, by the way, is Kelly's, which purveys blocks of muscle tissue hacked from the carcasses of cows and rended into patties the size of hubcaps. I confess to my presence at this abbatoir with apologies to Catherine, who would prefer that I eat only flaxseed, and problemchildbride, who vows in her blog profile that red meat is like unto a million Hitlers. But one must make sacrifices in the name of doing business, which in my case translates to "staying alive", and I am prepared to make that sacrifice, even if the unlucky cow who participated in the business lunch was not. In my defense (I'm always saying things in my defense, and they're always getting ruled "irrelevant and immaterial" by the hanging judge of public opinion), I've been eating flax cereal this month, and I have to say it leaves an aftertaste just like the linseed oil I used to use while oil painting, which is kind of disconcerting. Some art types are fond of using the word "luscious" when referring to the painting of artists like Wayne Thiebaud, but I still have no desire to eat one.