You can make up your own story to this picture. It can be like one of those psycho-logical tests they give you to help you understand why you're nuts. I've said this before, and I'll say it again because I have space to fill: understanding doesn't help. Not one little bit. It may be mildly interesting to know the roots of your torment, but the needle doesn't back off a centimeter. At least that's my experience, and since I'm a blogger, I'm entitled to consider it an eternal truth. Or maybe I'm one of those people whose right and left hemispheres are totally disconnected, and the side where you know stuff, the left side? is like a huge library that nobody ever visits or that warehouse in Indiana Jones where precious artifacts are lost forever, while the mosque next door keeps turning out lost souls who crawl into the desert and blow themselves up, over and over again, because it's something to do. Least that's how I see it. And like I say, I'm a blogger, so you can take it to the bank. The tellers will laugh at you and shove you out the door, but that's something to do, too.