Or cheap non-laff, depending on whether you had a good satisfying BM this morning. We can all agree that it's cheap, however. In keeping with the current economic downturn, I have scaled back on the quality of my blog entries, particularly in regard to cross-hatching. Cross-hatching is a luxury we just can't afford these days. My cross-hatching bail-out didn't materialize, probably because I was carried into the hearing on a portable throne borne by illegal immigrants. I tried to explain that it was a hybrid portable throne, the illegal immigrants being fed only denatured soy protein and their discharge being recycled as energy bars for the wealthy, but we all know the hidebound, blinkered, shuttered nature of Washington politicians. So out goes the cross-hatching and the rapier-like wit you've all come to expect, as well as the more expensive words, such as "plethora". Damn! That's gonna cost me. I'll have to look elsewhere for the revenues to keep this venture afloat.

So! Who wants to be the first Senator from the Commonwealth of Sparkiana?