I've been biting my tongue about developments on the healthcare front and the predictable responses to those developments, in an attempt to keep this blog from becoming a bitter rantfest. God knows we've got plenty of those around already. But it's so hard to spin silly little monologues about nothing when weighty issues are in the balance. Okay, allow me to rant about one little thing, and then I'll return to silly walks.

Socialism. Socialized medicine. Obama is trying to force socialism down our throats. "I never took a dime from the government." Idiots! Did you not go to public school? Have you never been in a public library? Where do you think public education comes from? Underneath a cabbage leaf? No, the community of citizens decided it would benefit us all to throw some money in the pot and offer a "free" education to all our children, even the ones who can't afford it. That's socialism, you nitwits! The only difference between universal education and universal healthcare is that education has been around long enough that we've started thinking of it as a god-given right. Really? Where is it written? The Bible? The Constitution? No, we as a nation decided it would be good for us, just the same way we decided to put out our fires, build our highways, wage our wars, look out for our senior citizens, and police ourselves. Just as we're now discussing looking after our health. There are really important things to work out: how will we pay for it? How will it work? Who will be covered, for what? Let's talk about these things, and stop trying to scare the shit out of each other by shouting epithets that we don't understand all that well.