That headline is for the benefit of the Facebook crowd, who don't get to see the sketch unless they click on the headline. And since Facebook denizens are deluged with hundreds of updates along the lines of "brushed my teeth today! Yay me!", one must craft a headline guaranteed to capture their tedium-saturated attentions. I'm well aware that this sketch has little to do with kittens. A stickler may insist that it has nothing to do with kittens, which is one reason I harbor a deep loathing for sticklers. My defense is that the internet is a place where truth is but one among many options for discourse. Distortion, prevarication, and outright lies have finally found a forum where they are accorded the respect they so richly deserve. Why should Congress and Fox "News" be able to partake of the pleasures of untruthfulness and made-up shit, while us rabble have to content ourselfs with cheating on our income taxes? Now we have a free zone where we can spout bullshit to our hearts' content and be rewarded with Google ads linking to manure providers. So now you see how my kitten headline is perfectly legitimate. And even if you're a stickler, you get to view my wonderful, wonderful sketch, which is the whole point, innit?