This began as a photo of yrs truly, viciously manipulated to resemble a mad scientist or maybe one of those superior beings from distant planets who periodically come to warn us to change our ways or we'll be instantly annihilated by a death ray much more sophisticated than any we've been able to develop so far. So much hot air, if you ask me: we're still here, aren't we? Have we changed our ways, even one tiny bit? Ha! It's no wonder these strange mutants no longer trigger mass riots whenever they open their mouths. All hat, no cattle, these guys. The latest emissary from a faraway planet, a gnome-like being who calls himself Glenn Beck, has gathered a small following of right-wingers, but they don't count--they'll go gaga over anyone who promises hellfire and brimstone. The depressing thing is that this many people look up to Glenn Beck as a superior being.