That's kind of redacted, isn't it, because all info is helpful. There's no such thing as unhelpful info. Just look at the internet. I don't have to do a thing, people send me helpful info without me having to lift a finger. A person named Macey Doody, for example, informs me that an office babe fondles the fallen Queen under the bridge, for the sake of her vice. But then she blacked her shutters, typical of a woman. I kind of lost the thread in that second sentence, with its vaguely anteceded pronouns, but it's informative nonetheless. I received another bit of info from Stervy Cragg, who claims Amanda was a Socialist, so he pulled her wine. I'm not sure I would have done that had I found out she was a Socialist, but to each his own. It's info all the same. Stervy went on to recite something like poetry, prattling about "perverted candy humping and pumping in shop and disease in them seas." My taste in poetry runs more to Galway Kinnell than the Candy Humping school, but I look forward to his next packet of info nonetheless.