Those of you who are long-time followers of this blog (and boy howdy, there's a criterion that self-selects the best and brightest, am I right?) will recall that Sis had learned to draw with a pencil held between her toes, not out of any tragic necessity, just to annoy the rest of the family. What you may not know--indeed, what I can guarantee you don't know--is that over a year ago she lost her right foot in a bizarre threshing accident. Bizarre because there was no thresher involved, in fact, we would be hard-put to say what a thresher is, other than it's probably a machine that threshes things, whatever threshing is, and is prone to nipping off the appendages of unlucky souls who wander within its purview. Long story short, she has had to learn to draw all over again, using her hand. That's right, she somehow manages to place a pencil between her thumb and index finger, and has laboriously taught herself to make marks on paper with the pencil. Through trial and error, she has ingeniously adapted herself to this new reality; for example, she has learned to place the paper on a desk or table, as you would a plate of food, the better to reach it with the hand at the end of her arm, rather than on the floor, as would a foot-drawer who had not been visited by threshing-accident tragedy.

You can view more examples of the triumph of the human spirit here. One unexpected by-product of her misfortune, by the way, is that her pencils no longer smell funny.