It's hard to be a sketcher without dealing with humans. They're crawling all over the place, like bugs. They keep coming at me in waves. It's positively crepuscular. That's a word I learned from Word Of The Day. Its meaning doesn't fit its sound, something about twilight, of all things, so I'm just using it as a free word, like a blank tile in Scrabble, in places where it just sounds right, regardless of whether twilight figures into the scenario or not. So anyway, here's a bunch of humans who have settled onto various surfaces at Starbucks, a place they tend to infest regularly. It does no good to sweep them out; the next time the door opens, another cloud of them blows in. And then they skitter about, doing all their creepy human things. Thank God they don't poop in here, I guess. That would be crepuscular.