The high point of Brother Hack's performance was holding the final note of Amazing Grace for what seemed like ten minutes. In between numbers, Brother Hack would proselytize--he's the one who cajoled me into accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior, just for fun. Lucky for me, huh? Just think of all the people who have never heard of Jesus--like the majority of people who were ever born. They're all going to Hell, for no greater crime than never having run into Brother Hack. And people say that God has no sense of humor! Brother Hack offered to counsel me via email, and then assured me with a wink that his wife does the counseling for the ladies, strongly implying that there's no point in carrying this 'confessing our sins' business to extremes. What happens in God's house stays in God's house, as it were. And then he revealed a fanny pack full of CDs for sale. Time to render unto Caesar.