One of the more unusual phenomena of New Orleans, and that's saying something, are the guys who have decided that painting yourself silver and standing very still in public is a viable career choice. One of them is a silver robot whose costume is based on a not-very-well disguised pair of football shoulder pads. Another is a guy in street clothes who pretends he fell down (part of the job description is seeing how little effort can be expended while still parting tourists from their dough.) But the king of the silver posers is Silver Cowboy. As you can see, he has an attitude problem. He gets into fights with other silver guys who intrude on his turf. When they chase him off, which seems to happen with some frequency, he goes down the street a bit and sulks. I guess it's pretty discouraging to be a silver cowboy who get bullied all the time. But the creepiest thing about him is he's a Christian (note the cross.) He holds his pose only long enough to lure a few unsuspecting tourist types within range and then he leaps into action, quoting scripture at them, holding on to them, and breathing silver cowboy breath into their faces. That's Christians for you. They're just a different breed from you and me. When the fuck is this Rapture supposed to happen, anyway? Somebody needs to get the lead out.