Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to keep a clean house. Like to, but don't. So why then did I draw this little scene, thus exposing my miserable failure to live up to my ideals, you ask? You impertinent twit! How dare you ask me such questions, even in my own head! The truth is this: yesterday afternoon, in the face of an impending thunderstorm, I shut down my computer so that it wouldn't be suddenly converted to a giant platinum Cheeto by that Rascal in the sky who, if He exists, loves nothing better than sprinkling terror and suffering like sugar onto breakfast cereal among his devoted followers, of whom He demands nothing more than total devotion, sending up tender supplication as they dodge His meteors. Is this a dysfunctional relationship, or what? Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. So I turned my attention to what I can do while I wait for the storm to pass that involved the smallest expenditure of energy on my part. So I turned my head ever so slightly, and voila! A sketching opportunity! The result of which you see before you. Twit.

By the way, the topmost item on the right is a print by the famous Amanda Kavanagh, whose work can be purchased here. You might think it's hard to tell what the artwork is like from my rough sketch, but it's actually pretty accurate.