There's a slot in the front door of Naro Video, where you can drop off returning videos before they open at noon. This morning I returned the first season of Extras, which I have now viewed 158 times, allowing me to recite the dialogue along with the actors, a skill which will allow me to Mildly Annoy© anyone who chooses to watch it with me, which is the fly in the ointment, since anyone who might be remotely interested in doing so will already be aware of my predilections and who will have to wash their hair on that night. Be that as it may, and don't you hate people who say 'be that as it may'? Perhaps it makes you Mildly Annoyed©? Be that as it may, when I dropped said video in the slot, a Boston Terrier immediately appeared, snatched it up, and trotted back into the dark recesses of the store with it. Now that's service! Just try that at Blockbuster! I think we should all demand that Boston Terriers retrieve our returned videos. That's the only way we're going to effect change, by voting with our mouths. Instead of our index fingers, I guess. I kind of lost the thread here.