The smartest thing liberals can do is let conservatives talk as much as they want. Give them a forum, put them in the spotlight, give them enough of the proverbial rope. Set a microphone in front of a conservative and step away. He'll start out talking about fiscal responsibility, but within twenty minutes will be extolling the joys of torture or alienating the entire Hispanic community or accusing Michael J. Fox of faking his illness. This morning on NPR there was a panel of banking experts, one of whom was from a conservative think tank, and at one point, when the term "predatory lending" was mentioned, he said "what about predatory borrowing? Predatory borrowing is just as bad!" He elaborated: evidently there were untold numbers of people who bought adjustable rate mortgages knowing full well that they would be unable to meet the ballooning payments in ten years. Those poor innocent bankers, hoodwinked by these devious criminals! Do conservative think-tankers really think that great hordes of people signed up for ARMs, knowing full well that they would default in ten years and be thrown out of their homes, which apparently would fulfill some insane master plan known only to them? That they would be laughing all the way to the homeless shelter, snickering at the bankers they forced into collecting giant year-end bonuses despite plunging the nation into a deep recession? I encourage all you right-wingers out there to lard your conversation with the term "predatory borrowers" as much as you want, revealing your shriveled little hearts for all to see.