A while back, Vivian from Chesapeake asked me why the people in my sketches look unrelievedly morose. Why don't I draw the happy people, she asked, implying that it would improve my own mental health to do so. But the truth is that when people are concentrating on something, they just naturally frown. A very good friend of mine pointed out that when I'm sketching I look like I'm pouting. Little do they know that the chances are good that I really am pouting, having discovered how satisfying an emotion it can be. And I'm willing to entertain the possibility that any of the individuals pictured above is actually glum, given the condition of man and whatnot. The thing is, when people are smiling, they're usually bouncing around doing stuff, and they're hard to draw. If all the people above had been smiling, I would have jumped to the conclusion that I had stumbled into a Psychopaths Without Partners meetup, and I would have gotten out of there toot sweet.