I woke up this morning with my head feeling like one of those stress balls filled with goo that you squeeze into various bulby shapes. I imagined that cute little demons had been sitting around my head all night, calmly stuffing fingerfuls of viscous mucoid substances into my cranial orifices as they sang Mariah Carey hits. There's a famous painting or drawing by somebody where a little black demon sits on the chest of a sleeping man, and I don't recall who the artist is or what the work is called, but that's the visual image that sluggishly made its way through the marmalade this morning. Just for fun, I googled "little black demon crouched on chest", and was led to a quiz entitled "Who would fall for you?" A quiz! Is our world becoming a giant endless stream of Facebook nonsense? It's a vision too hideous to look upon. Just as hideous was the next site returned by my google search: a place called Demon Fart Cabbage, where, as far as I can see, you can describe a scene you'd like to be illustrated in anime style. A typical request:

male grey fox
chest ruff, fluffy tail
round sunglasses
sky blue eyes
average build
cute ear-length hair
pleasant smile
holding sniper rifle

I am totally baffled by anime. Sickeningly sweet, morally stunted. I mean, I can be morally stunted too, but I don't go parading it in front of the whole world. Oh wait, I do, don't I? Well, maybe I'll stop. As soon as my head clears. As soon as my moral, mental, emotional compass returns, gone these many long days.