Popeye Doyle chased some surrender monkeys down this stretch, I'm told. Or, to be more accurate, Gene Hackman. Or, to be even more accurate, a stunt driver pretending to be Gene Hackman pretending to be Popeye Doyle. Not that being accurate has anything to do with blogging. Apparently it's been Written, by whoever does the Writing these days, that bloggers are going to be our source for news in the near future. We're all fucked, you know that, right? We're going to know all there is to know about Michael Jackson's enlarged probate and Obama's secret basement Muslim temple and Susan Boyle and Jon and Kate and nothing about why the economy collapsed. Kind of like now, I guess. News organizations are abdicating their place in society. Cable news has become a noisy freak show. Give a hundred monkeys a hundred megaphones and they'll eventually come up with the Fox News channel. How will we ever produce another Edward R. Murrow when immoral assholes like Geraldo Rivera and Glen Beck are considered worthy of a soapbox on national tv? Sorry, I'll go take my meds now.