I used to take comfort from Lucy Pepper's declarations on the subject of phantasmagorical beings, but recent developments have given me pause. Lots of things give me pause, in fact researchers would find that the great majority of my time is spent pausing, if researchers had shown the slightest inclination toward examining my quotidian behavior, which they haven't so far, and that's fine with me. It would deeply freak me out to be followed around all day by goggle-eyed nerdy types in white lab coats, at least outside a hospital setting. Anyways, WhereTF was I? Right, faeries and whatnot. Well, I found the above shoe on my porch the other morning, which is pretty conclusive evidence for the existence of these tiny benefactors/malefactors  (but on the bene- side of the ledger, I have to admit I haven't woken up to find a pile of newly-cobbled shoes at the foot of my bed or a glittering hill of gold in place of the pile of hay in the corner, while pile I'm going to get rid of any day now, having finally given up on getting a pony for Christmas) (malefactors I have plenty of evidence of, such as a bowl of buttered broccoli next to my elbow falling facedown on the floor, seemingly on its own volition.) I'm keeping my eye out for a person about 4 or 5 inches tall, hopping on one foot. Let me know if you see such a one.