If I had been dropped into the middle of last night's scene from, say, Bulgaria, I would have thought, "Why, one side of this chamber seems to be dominated by sour-faced middle aged men who look like they haven't had a good BM in weeks." I'm providing a rough translation, of course, since I would have been thinking in Bulgarian, and "sour-faced" is the closest I can come to the original, which is literally "a peasant having bitten into a beet containing a fat worm." The sullen pouting from that side of the room was preferable, though, to the tantrums that occasionally erupted. I suppose one could consider this behavior an inevitable response the the Bush-baiting of recent years. The Republicans have had an opportunity to show us how responsible adults behave in such situations, and ordinarily I would be pleased that they seem to be incapable of it. But given what hangs in the balance right now, it's discouraging. Discouraging that they would rather insure that nothing gets done about issues that we all agree urgently need to be addressed, in order to score a few points in a game they believe is more important than the welfare of our country.