I hope you lot appreciate what I have to go through to do this. 2 solid hours of pundits and politicians! I feel like I've been swimming up someone's lower intestine. Someone who visited Taco Bell last night. Thomas Friedman wins this week for saying the most sensible thing. They were discussing Obama's "controversial" talk to schoolchildren. Jesus, people. This disrespect for the President really has gotten out of control. Here's the thing: we liberals can't argue this issue from a point of righteousness. We greeted everything George W. did with ridicule. Everything. But the right wing, at least since Lee Atwater, has been more vicious in its application of partisanship. During W's reign, the left's attitude was typified by Jon Stewart: sometimes off-color, sometimes not funny, but consisting mostly of sarcasm. The right's response to Obama is shrill and rabble-rousing and studded with unconscionable lies (killing Granny.) The immediate result is to destroy any possibility of dialogue just when we need it the most. I think Republicans have important things to say about fiscal responsibility, among other things, but when everybody's shouting, nobody's listening. Look at the flap over Obama's talk to schoolchildren. It's the same damn speech Reagan and George H. W. gave to the kids, for god's sake! Conservatives: the folks on your fringes like to carry guns to Presidential appearances and talk about shedding the blood of tyrants. Think about what you're doing.