Know-nothingism as a social movement is experiencing a renaissance in recent years. Not only does the leading figure of the fundamentalist right take an old folk tale and pawn it off as reality ("True story!"), but incomprehensible numbers of Americans believe that the most renowned scientists in the world have also come under the spell of Beelzebub and are trying to perpetrate the hoaxes of evolution and global warming on us, for what purposes we are not vouchsafed to know. There was a time, not so long ago, when your average Merkins would read about such attitudes and chuckle to themselves while turning to the sports section. But these days it appears that one of our two major political parties has all but added this claptrap to their party platform, having craftily estimated that we continually underestimate the size of the ignorant nutball vote. As for Brother Pat and the idyllic picture he paints of the other half of Hispaniola, perhaps he has never heard of Trujillo, or maybe he believes the Dominicans are only moderately evil. Does anyone on the right perceive the dangerous seam of prejudice this kind of fundamentalism represents? Or is Harry Reid about as much as their petrified crania can handle?