You could see it on their faces. The dull realization that, in spite of Obama's speech last night, the Republicans still hold their 41% majority. That I have to watch John Boehner, who last night looked like he hadn't had a good BM in months, tell me why he's not going to allow us to have universal health care. That Samuel Alito and company, whom Obama so satisfyingly stared down last night, still get to wreak havoc on the electoral process. Remember when conservatives used to howl about "activist judges"? For that matter, remember when Republicans used to say they were doing what was good for the country, and not following the whims of the latest opinion polls? I'm old enough to remember the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was by no means universally popular, and its passage was not guaranteed. And it was the John Boehners and Lindsay Grahams of the world who filibustered against it. We should make them have to do it again.