Pennsylvanians wouldn't have given it a second thought. Minnesotans would have said, "Finally! A break in the weather!" But when Hampton Roadsians heard there might be snow tonight, they hopped into their SUVs and headed for the store to stock up on provisions for the few hours they may be housebound. From the looks of us, though, it wouldn't have hurt any of us to miss a meal. As for me, I was there on an emergency mission: I had waited until the last possible moment to change Bernice's litter. Some of my cattier and olfactory-sensitiver neighbors might have opined that I had waited quite a bit longer than that, but I've had it with their opining, if you want to know the truth. Anyway, when I removed the lid to her litter box (the lidded box was the gift of a houseguest--kind of a strange gift, isn't it? Don't know what was up with that), I discovered a cat-poop Mount Rushmore in there. I think I even made out John Boehner's craggy profile, although the day he makes it onto Mount Rushmore is the day I hop a freighter for East Timor. As for making it through the blizzard, I just checked the larder. Two bottles of 120-minute IPA. I'm good.

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