The pharmaceutical industry knows no shame. According to these people and their lackeys in the ad biz, men over 50 who experience occasional fatigue (a grouping for which the term "all-inclusive" fits like a glove) may well be suffering from a malady they're calling "Low-T" out of consideration for those of us who can't muster the energy to pronounce all four syllables of "testosterone". Why stop at Viagra? Testosterone can provide humanity with so many more benefits than the occasional stiffy. Big Pharma envisions a nation of raging bulls cutting each other off in the merge lanes, shouting down weak-ass liberal politicians in town meetings, huffing and puffing down city streets in half-marathons to benefit the little ladies--oh, that's right, we've already got that. Well, there'll be more of it! Yep, these noble pharm hands have dedicated themselves to finding a cure for the heartbreak of male insecurity and they won't stop until they find it, and they won't even stop then. Sure, there are actual sick people out there, but they're all on Medicare and whatnot, and where's the money in that?

Now here I've gone and spoiled a nice picture of a sweet lady reading on a sunny afternoon. There's got to be a pill for that.